• Traumawise Counselling and Psychotherapy specialises in helping people who continue to experience anxiety related symptoms after a life threatening event or events.
  • Traumas, PTSD, phobias, fears  and unresolved grief can be treated with excellent results.
  • Research continues into utilising EMDR for pain relief and tinnitus and I have seen some encouraging results.
  • General  counselling is also available.

Utilising a rapid trauma processing therapy known as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) I can help you to change how you feel both emotionally and physically when remembering these disturbing memories.

I had been working with people with trauma histories for 12 years but it wasn’t until I was trained in EMDR  that I was able to appreciate what a truly remarkable therapy this is.

People would tell me they had tried all kinds of medications and therapies to help resolve the lasting effects of trauma and working in a clinic where people were seeking help for acute drug and alcohol dependency, it became blatantly clear that in the majority of these cases, people were just trying to escape uncomfortable feelings and emotions or ‘not feel.’

After just a few sessions of EMDR, sometimes only one or two – the feedback I receive is extremely uplifting both for my clients and for me personally as I am actually able to witness the turnaround in a relatively short period of time. Sometimes therapy can take longer depending upon the complexity involved and the age at which people are hurt. In these instances I will need to do more ‘stabilisation work’with people in order to prepare them for therapy. See Complex Trauma.

World renowned trauma expert Bessel Van Der Kolk MD endorses EMDR as a valuable trauma therapy in his important book, The Body Keeps the Score.

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